Keys To Healthy Aging

Provided by PAA

The Keys to Healthy Aging program provides easy to read information about topics of interest to seniors, their caregivers, and adult children. The information is provided in brief, 2 page resource summaries that have been developed by Peninsula Agency on Aging members who have expertise on the topics.

PAA Keys To Healthy Aging

Each summary includes:

  • Brief description of the topic
  • List of community resources you can contact for more information
  • List of PAA-approved speakers, who you can contact to present up-to-date, reliable information about the topic to your group.

Resource summaries are still being developed for some of the topics listed below. Topics for which a Resource Summary has been developed are indicated by a clickable link. Just click on the title and the PDF document will open in a new window or tab.

More resource summaries will be added as they are developed, so if a topic you’re interested in isn’t listed, please check back soon.