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Neighbor To Neighbor Program

A new trend is sweeping the nation, it’s called the “village movement” and it’s changing the way people think about their neighborhoods. The village movement, also called Neighbor to Neighbor Programs, began in the early 2000’s because people wanted more options as they aged than their parents had. Many people want to remain in their own homes and communities, but recognize that they need to have social and health resources that they can depend upon as they age. In response to this desire, a number of neighborhoods have implemented a “village model” comprised of neighborhood networks that allow people feel safer and more socially connected in their community.

Peninsula Agency on Aging

Over 400 Villages have been formed in the U.S. – each one reflecting the unique needs of their members. A number of Williamsburg communities have created “villages”, which locally, tend to take the form of a “Neighbor to Neighbor” Program.

This manual provides a step-by-step guide for communities interested in creating a Neighbor to Neighbor Program. As a Williamsburg resident has said, “If you’ve seen one village, you’ve seen one village.” This highlights the point that each village is unique and should be designed to meet the specific needs of its community. Remember this comment while you read through the manual and know that you might not need or want to do each step outlined.

The manual is designed to allow your neighborhood to pick the steps that are most appropriate for your community. For instances, some neighborhoods have identified their communities’ needs by sending out a survey for residents to complete, other communities have held focus groups, while still others have held informal coffees at resident’s homes. Most importantly, have fun, but know that creating a village takes time, hard work and plenty of determination! As another Williamsburg resident has said, “It takes time and patience to get a Neighbor to Neighbor Program started.”

View or download the manual in PDF format (26 pages) by clicking on the button below. If you have trouble downloading the document or if you would like to have representatives from local Neighbor to Neighbor Programs come to present to your group, please call the Williamsburg office of the Peninsula Agency on Aging at 757-345-6277.

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Housing Option For Seniors

Wondering what housing options are available in the Williamsburg area for seniors?

Click on the “View or Download” button to see a list of independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, and CCRCs (Continuing Care Retirement Communities) located in the Williamsburg area.


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Virginia Livable Home Tax Credit

The Virginia Livable Home Tax Credit (LHTC) program is designed to improve accessibility and universal visitability in Virginia’s residential units by providing state tax credits for the purchase of new units or the retrofitting of existing housing units.

Tax credits are available for up to $5,000 for the purchase/construction of a new accessible residence and up to 50 percent for the cost of retrofitting existing units, not to exceed $5,000.

More information and program eligibility can be found by clicking on the Learn More button:

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Aging In Place – Additional Resources

The Housing Committee has offered a number of forums to provide seniors and their adult children the information they need to determine when it’s appropriate to consider moving to an independent living community or an assisted living facility as well as things to consider when visiting such facilities.

Below are Powerpoint presentations and materials distributed at a March 2013 forum entitled, “The Most Important Questions to ask if You or a Loved One is Considering Moving to an Assisted Living Facility.”