Nutrition Services – Peninsula Agency on Aging

Nutrition: the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.

Our nutrition services, for those 60 years and older, supports the recipients through the Home Delivered Meals program, or Meals on Wheels (as it is better known) and the Senior Dining Centers located throughout the communities we serve.

Adequate nutrition is necessary for health, functionality and the ability to remain independent. Healthy eating can increase mental acuity, resistance to illness and disease, energy levels, immune system strength, recuperation speed and the ability to manage chronic health problems.

Meals On Wheels America

Home Delivered Meals

Nutrition Services - Peninsula Agency on Aging


Any person who meets the following criteria:

  • 60 years of age and over.
  • Functionally home bound
  • Cannot regularly prepare a meal and does not have regular help at home to secure a meal.


Volunteers deliver the meals throughout the Peninsula.  Meals are delivered at lunchtime and routes usually take an hour to deliver.

Volunteers can decide to deliver meals once a week or on a substitute basis. Often times, clubs or church groups volunteer as a team.

Volunteers use their own vehicles for delivery. Mileage driven as a volunteer is tax deductible. New volunteers are always welcome. Please click here for more information about volunteering.

Federal, state and local funds help fund the program.  Additional money is provided by contributions from concerned individuals or groups.  Because of the funding and generous donations we receive, there is no charge for this service.  If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please click here.

Congregate Dining

Nutrition Services - Peninsula Agency on Aging


For those who can still venture out into their communities, we serve in gathering places, such as senior centers and community facilities.

Seniors participating in the Congregate Dining Program have the opportunity to improve their health and reduce their risk of disability through lifestyle behaviors, culturally appropriate nutrition, education, and physical activity programs.

Our seniors find social engagement and are provided linkages to information and resources that are essential for health and well-being in addition to the nutritious meals served.


  • Clark-Maple Avenue Community Center
  • Denbigh-Warwick Memorial UMC
  • Hampton-Ivy Memorial Baptist Church
  • York-Washington Square
  • Poquoson Community Center
  • Williamsburg Parker View Senior Apartments
  • United Jewish Community Center*
  • Korean- American Senior Center*

*PAA financially supports these two sites that are independently operated by other organizations.