Senior Services Coalition

The Senior Services Coalition of Greater Williamsburg is a PAA program that brings together local health systems, government agencies, non-profit organizations and area business to collaboratively identify and address gaps in service to older adults.

In 2010, the Coalition began implementing the Community Action Plan on Aging, a 10 year plan to make the Greater Williamsburg area a safer, more livable community for older adults. The Community Plan includes goals, objectives and specific tasks to address a number of needs identified in four issue areas:

  • Addressing the needs of vulnerable seniors
  • Ensuring that older adults and caregivers are aware of and have access to needed resources
  • Providing Housing and Neighborhood Supports to allow seniors to age in place as long as feasible
  • Educating the community at large and offering seniors opportunities to enable them to continue to be a Resource in our Community.

A number of programs and supports have been developed. These include the Keys to Healthy Aging Program which provides easy-to-read information on a range of topics as well as tools to help you Age In Place, such as the How to Manual for neighborhoods interested in creating a Neighbor to Neighbor Program.

The Community Action Plan on Aging is being implemented by community-led committees and new members are welcome to join. You can call us at 757.345.6277 or email us at for more information about how you can become a part of this community effort.