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Since 1974

The Peninsula Agency on Aging, established in 1974, provide programs in cooperation with other community agencies in Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Poquoson, and James City and York counties to assist older Virginians in independent and productive living. The agency is a clearing-house for information, coordinates services, and provide planning and leadership on aging issues.

PAA is governed by an thirteen-member Board of Directors. The Board sets policy and provides oversight for staff. The Board of Directors is assisted by an Advisory Council, which represents the interests of consumers and service providers..

About Us - Peninsula Agency on Aging

Funds are authorized through the Older Americans Act, and are administered by the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services. Local funds are provided by the jurisdictions we serve and by the United Way. Contributions are used to provide direct services to older adults with special needs.

PAA Annual Reports

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2017 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report

PAA Celebrates 40 Years

For over 40 years, Peninsula Agency on Aging has enabled older adults to age in a place of their choosing.  PAA provides services including home delivered meals, medical transportation, adult day care, and in-home care for seniors. We can connect you with services that promote your independence. PAA exists to help and make our community a healthier, more livable area for older adults.

The Unique Role Of Area Agencies On Aging In Virginia

Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) in Virginia fill a unique and vital role in the long term care services system for persons sixty years of age and over. AAAs are mandated by the Federal Older Americans Act to serve all older individuals without regard to their social or economic status. The same law, however, requires that where resources are insufficient, preference must be given to those who are in the greatest social or economic need.

Given this mandated flexibility and responsibility, AAAs are able to serve the poor and near poor and prevent or delay physical and mental deterioration which leads to costly institutionalization. Many times, more affluent elderly are quickly reduced to poverty by long term care expenses if guidance in the form of care management and a degree of financial assistance are not provided.

About Us - Peninsula Agency on Aging

AAAs are the primary access route to services for most older individuals. An extremely important point in explaining how AAAs are unique in the human services delivery system, is that they are neither perceived nor intended to be welfare agencies. Many elderly people who require help will come to an AAA, but they will not go to an agency that bears the welfare stigma, no matter how unfair that label may be.

AAAs are also uniquely and aptly equipped to manage a cost effective and accessible approach to meeting the community and home based long term care needs of a growing elderly population. For years AAAs have been recognized in communities throughout Virginia as having experienced staff performing case management activities that promote a coordinated and efficient program of service delivery. Consequently, all care giving options, family and non-family, paid and volunteer, are explored and utilized to assure quality care is delivered in a cost effective manner.

In conclusion, should Virginia’s in-home care funding flow exclusively to a department that must adhere to inflexible income guidelines, a large portion of frail, at-risk elderly population would have no access to services. If, however, funding were directed to the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services for distribution to AAAs, the low income elderly would still be served, while access would be assured to other elderly who are in need of services to avoid more costly institutionalization. AAAs can also generate additional revenue for in-home care through program participant contributions. The solicitation of such constributions is mandated under the Older Americans Act.

Prepared by: William S. Massey, CEO, Peninsula Agency on Aging, Inc.

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